WILE – More than 65 Years of Radio!


Souvenir of the Guernsey County Centennial Fair (1954) Presented by Ellwood Farm Equipment 210 Dewey Ave. in Cambridge and made by Radio Station WILE

On April 9th, 1948, WILE went on the air with a moment of prayer and the sounds of “Beautiful Ohio.” At that time WILE’s studios were at 917 Beatty Avenue. The station would come on the air at 6:30 each morning and go off the air at seven each evening.

In those early days, WILE was owned by Land O’Lakes Broadcasting Corporation. Names you would have associated with the company were Howard Donahoe as General Manager and Vice-President, Richard Rose, John Russell, Wesley Randles, Dean Archer, Albert Engle, Howard White, William Montgomery, Thelma Peterson, Hilda Shafer, Joan Ferguson, Helen Sidlo, Dave Lorimer, and B.J. Hazelwood – that was the original staff. People weren’t sure in 1948 whether Cambridge would support both a radio station and a newspaper. But WILE got a boost because that was the Sesquicentennial, or 150th birthday, of Guernsey County. In 1967, the Cloverleaf Broadcasting Company secured the business and Bill Coffey, who was announcer at the station, became general manager.

The station was sold again in 1983, to AVC Communications and it is part of a group of six radio stations serving this part of southeastern Ohio.

OSUThe Ohio State Buckeyes on WILE-FM

WILE 97.7 is the EXCLUSIVE station for OSU Buckeyes football in East Central Ohio.



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