Below is a list of the most recent lost and found pets in the area. You can submit a lost/found pet by completing this short online form.

Lost and found pets will be featured on AVC Communications radio stations at various times.

January 5, 2017: Found Dog



January 4, 2017: Lost Dog
Lost on Read Road.

5 month old female pup, looks like Border Collie, tan and white long hair, curly down her tail, tall perky ears, answers to Missy but very timid.


December 31, 2016: Lost Dog
Cambridge, Oh 209 west Bloomfield area

Tri colored make beagle, older dog, goes by Barney, has a brownish color

740-432-6778 please leave a message

January 2, 2017: Found Cat
Found near Belle Valley Fire Station

Large black cat- declawed. Very friendly.


January 2, 2017: Lost Dog
Morgan Road and Bliss Road. New Concord

Small brown dog. Chiuaua mix. Goes by Melvin. Is extremely skittish

Andrea- 386-444-8803
Jon- 740-255-0368

December 31, 2016: Found Dog
By pizza hut in Cambridge ohio

Medium sized dog Brown in collar with a bobbed tail has a chocker collor on it


December 27, 2016: Found Dog
Byesville ohio by hcp and famose supply

Not sure mix . Young pup white with brown spots . Left eye has brown spot on it . You must know the color of the collar !!! I will ask i want to make sure this pup is going to rightful owners.

Rebecca Francis 7403710420
Jake Francis 7403504056

December 25, 2016: Found Dog
Ridgewood acres

Lost dog in Ridgewood acres was found


December 25, 2016: Lost Dog
lost Chocolate lab in Ridgewood acres area on Christmas eve day.

He is a chocolate lab and has a crooked tail. He doesn't have a collar on.

Tim @ 740-255-1759

December 22, 2016: Lost Dog
North Salem/Kimbolton Area

Oversized Pomeranian-tan/blonde wearing a red collar

Please contact me at 740-630-1355 or 740-260-3168