Below is a list of the most recent lost and found pets in the area. You can submit a lost/found pet by completing this short online form.

Lost and found pets will be featured on AVC Communications radio stations at various times.

March 23, 2017: Lost Dog
Lost around Beatty Avenue and North 4th or 5th Street area., Cambridge

Female chihuahua. Brown with tan markings face and belly. Her name is Meme and she is 7 years old and weighs around 7 pounds.

Jollene Hoffer
281 780 1119

March 18, 2017: Lost Dog
Lost in the Kimbolton area up the road from Rocky Fork.

7 year old golden retriever 100 lbs with a collar

Paula 740-584-1669 call or Text.

March 13, 2017: Lost Dog
Lost off Tower Rd/ 821 ava area.

Dark and lite brown beagle dachshund. Name is Daisy. Has no collar on might have painted toe nails..

Lisa Wickham 740 509 8388

March 11, 2017: Lost Cat
kimbolten/north cambridge area off bell rd

female about 5 months, long haired grey in color with tan belly, nose no collar.

britny at 740-319-2153

March 9, 2017: Lost Dog
He was lost on Gunn Rd. In the Winterset Ohio area.

He's 5 months old, knee height. White with black spots all over him & one large black spot on his back. He's a gsp & English setter mix.

(662)-688-0706 or
Joseph Griffin (662)-809-6577

March 8, 2017: Lost Bible
Lost not a pet, but a small black bible early Monday morning between Little Kate road, to Lucasburg, to route 660, Byesville . Fell off of car trunk. It's a long shot, but if you found it please call me.

Small size, Black, leather bound, zipper cover


February 28, 2017: Found Dog
65491 N. 8th St. Rd.

Black dog, long hair with collar. Appears to be healthy but will not let us catch him/her. Possibly 75-80 lbs. Found in our field this morning and is hanging around but keeping a distance.


February 19, 2017: Lost Dog
1500 block on Blaine Ave

Black and grey Scotty Terrier with blue collar. Short legs and about 20 pounds

Ericka McIntire @ 740-624-0758

February 16, 2017: Lost Dog
4900 lower Bloomfield rd New Concord

All black great dane with dark blue leather collar. Answers to the name Zeus. SMall patch of white on chest.

740-680-2438 or 740-995-9009

February 2, 2017: Lost Cat
Around Cambridge Cadiz exit close to bp

Black and white cat white paws name is Jakie white under belly no collar

Katie 7406801796