Below is a list of the most recent lost and found pets in the area. You can submit a lost/found pet by completing this short online form.

Lost and found pets will be featured on AVC Communications radio stations at various times.

April 19, 2017: Lost Dog
Missing from the Kimbolton area since Monday evening.

Tundra is a 1 yr old male. Black and white husky with blue eyes. Has a black collar with tags on it.


April 18, 2017: Found Dog
I found a Black and Tan with and a few white markings on Route 40 just west of New Concord

See above


April 17, 2017: Lost Dog
Lost in Indian camp area

Male sharpai/lab mix. Tan in color around 40 lbs
Answers to Koda. Should be wearing color with info

Please call 740-435-8086

April 14, 2017: Lost Cat
Sawyer was last seen in the Old Mill Road area of Old Washington on Friday evening, 4/14/17.

Sawyer is a short-haired male cat and blonde or honey-colored all over. He has a pink nose and gray-green eyes. He has a little notch in the tip of his left ear. He has no collar, but he is neutered. He is approximately 4 1/2 years old.

If found, please contact Natalie at 540-848-0824

April 15, 2017: Lost Cat
Barton Manor area. Off Skyline Drive. Lost from last house on dead end of Elsie Drive. There are woods after the house. Disappeared on April 12.
This is in Cambridge city limits.

This is a young female cat. She is almost all white with small areas of ginger color blended in. Her eyes are very blue. She had just been spayed at vet on route 40. Large incision on stomach side. Because she was a feral kitten she probably will not come to you. If you see her please call 740-439-2671and give location in which she was seen . Thank you. Ask for Jackie.


April 10, 2017: Lost Dog
4900 lower Bloomfield rd new concord

15 year old Yellow lab mix. His name is Jack.

Call,or text 740-680-2438

April 10, 2017: Lost Dog
my dog got loose on 7 2 16...i have not
gave up...i lived on n 10th st at the time..and believe he is in the area..his name is weiner..nuetered..w 8 yrs old...very hyper..barks alot..daushound jack russell new number is 7405846013...reward offerred...

jack russell/daushaund...brown..7-8 yrs old..nuteured..w scar on belly..barks alot...believe some one took him in the n 10th st area..


April 2, 2017: Found Dog
We found a tan and white dog approximately 6 months old on the Great Guernsey Trail.

We found a tan and white dog approximately 6 months old on the Great Guernsey Trail. She is very friendly and sweet. She appears to be a pit bull mix


March 29, 2017: Found Rooster
Avon Dr. around 12:30 P.M. 3/29

Big and colorful (green tail), looks like a show bird.

Carlene Simplican 432-5033

March 23, 2017: Lost Dog
Lost around Beatty Avenue and North 4th or 5th Street area., Cambridge

Female chihuahua. Brown with tan markings face and belly. Her name is Meme and she is 7 years old and weighs around 7 pounds.

Jollene Hoffer
281 780 1119