OLD WASHINGTON, Ohio — In their final meeting ever The Buckeye Trail Warriors edged the Meadowbrook Colts 39-38

Meadowbrook and Trail went blow for blow Friday night until the very end. Meadowbrook was first to strike, and after a missed extra point attempt the score was 6-0. It wouldn’t take long for the Warriors to fire back and take a 7-6 lead. Each team would score once more in the first, Meadowbrook however took the lead after a successful 2 point conversion and a missed BT extra point bring the lead after one to 14-13, Meadowbrook favor.

At the start of the second Meadowbrook was knocking on Trails door but the Warriors refused to let them in and took a defensive stand, this was crucial in keeping the Colts from gaining a two score lead. It wouldn’t take long however until the ball was back in Konnor Roberts hands and he would score a Colts TD on a 15 yard run to take a 22-13 lead. The rest of the half was an uphill struggle for the Warriors to try and score but after a TD was taken away and a missed last second field goal, Buckeye Trail went into the locker-room trail the Colts 22-13.

The volley of scores would continue in the second half with Meadowbrook trying to maintain a lead and Trail trying to get ahead. Austin Snodgrass would score once to narrow the gap 22-19. It wasn’t until Gerrad Williams had his 4th interception, that ultimately lead to a Warrior TD drive, that BT would close the gap and take a 26-22 lead over Meadowbrook. The Colts were once again knocking on the door right as time in the 3rd ran out.

Trail kept the Colts from scoring in the early seconds of the 4th but couldn’t maintain the lead long as Brady Blattner took the ball to the house to gain a 30-26 lead. The Warriors wouldn’t strike until the 2:30 mark to take a narrow 33-30 lead. This lead did not last long as Brady Blattner would return the following kickoff to the house leaving the Warriors down by 5 with with 2:15 left in the game. On a long pass Trail would fire back one last time to take the lead 39-38 with a minute and change to go. With just a few seconds the colts found themselves getting ready to kick a game winning field-goal, but as the kick went left the Trail victory was cemented and the game was over.

For the Colts Konnor Roberts lead the Herd with 254 passing yards 111 rushing and a total of 3 touchdowns. For the Warriors Troy Pontius called the shots and racked up a total of 3 touchdowns on 128 passing yards and 135 rushing. Austin Snodgrass also added 3 touchdowns on 135 rushing yards. On the Win the Warriors improve to 4-1 and the Colts fall to 1-5