BARNESVILLE, Ohio — Authorities in Barnesville say there are now three persons of interest in connection with a pair of shooting incidents in the village on Tuesday night.

Barnesville Police Chief David Norris told media outlets that the shootings took place at around 11 p.m. on Franklin Street. An officer on patrol reportedly heard gunshots from several blocks away and responded to the scene on-foot, where he reportedly found two male victims wounded. Chief Norris says a male suspect was taken into custody for questioning, but has been released.

The two victims, brothers in their 30’s, were transported to Barnesville Hospital to be stabilized before being taken by helicopter to other medical facilities. At last report, neither their conditions nor their identities have been released.

Authorities say the weapons used in the shooting have been recovered and, while no one has yet been charged in connection with the crime, investigators believe it was an isolated incident.

Both police and prosecutors are currently considering a course of action, as the investigation into the incident continues.