CAMBRIDGE, Ohio — Area businesses are being warned of a scam that is making its way across Ohio.

According to Cambridge Police detectives, the managers of a local business were contacted at around 5 a.m. on Wednesday by a man who claimed to be working for a federal agency. The man told the manager the business was under investigation for fraud and money laundering because numerous counterfeit bills had been found in recent deposits. The manager stated he was told by the caller to gather $7,000 and send an employee in the back of the store to Columbus with the money or all employees in the business would be arrested. The caller said he had all the employees names and phone numbers and would be watching on store cameras.

The manager did as he was told and sent the employee with the cash, but he then checked with his supervisor, who told him it was a scam and to have the employee return immediately.

A regional manager later confirmed that three other stores in the Columbus area had been approached with a similar scam. Officials with the business later discovered that the cameras in the store had been hacked into, and were secured using a different password.

The Cambridge Police Department continues to investigate the incident.