CAMBRIDGE, Ohio — The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office is assisting federal agents with an investigation into a number of stolen vehicles.

According to reports from the Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a car dealership on Southgate Road on Feb. 27 regarding a vehicle that had been stolen from their repair shop. Upon arrival, officers found that a four-door sedan was missing from the maintenance shop, which had had been broken into at some time during the night. Deputies also found a U-Haul Truck, reported stolen from Indianapolis, that had been abandoned in the rear parking lot of the dealership.

Investigators recovered physical evidence from the scene of the break-in and the stolen truck and sent it to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for further testing.

Later that week, on March 2, authorities from Prince George County, Maryland reported to Guernsey County that the stolen sedan had been recovered at a military base in their jurisdiction. Surveillance footage taken at the scene shows a suspect abandoning the Guernsey County vehicle and taking a vehicle from a military lot, along with some army uniforms. That car was recovered a few days later near a base in Connecticut.

The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office continues to work with federal authorities regarding the incident, which could involve a breach of national security. Anyone with information on the Feb. 27 theft is asked to contact the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office at 740.439.4455.