Statewide average $2.37 on Wednesday, local low $2.13 in Cambridge

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio drivers are seeing gas prices higher than a week ago as they head toward the New Year’s weekend.

A gallon of regular gas in Ohio was averaging $2.37 in Wednesday’s survey from auto club AAA. That’s up 9 cents from a week ago and well above the state average from a year ago, which was about $1.89.

In our listening area, Cambridge has the lowest price at the pump, at $2.13 per-gallon. In Caldwell, the reported low is $2.27 a-gallon, while in Barnesville, residents will pay $2.29 per-gallon.

The national average for regular fuel was $2.29 on Wednesday, up 4 cents from a week earlier. The national average at this time last year was $2.00.

Average gas prices increased in recent weeks following the OPEC agreement in late November to cut production beginning in January.