Q: Is the Wristband waterproof?
A: The Wristband is water resistant but should never be submerged under water. Dry off as soon as possible if it gets wet.

Q: What kind of batteries does the Wristband take?
A: Two user replaceable coin cell CR2032 batteries are included to power each Wristband. You can purchase additional batteries from most any store that sells batteries or order extras when you purchase yours!

Q: Does the Wristband have an on/off switch?
A: Yes. The Wristband has an on/off switch.

Q: What does the mode button do?
A: The Mode button cycles through 9 demo light patterns when you are away from the courthouse light show so you can play with it anywhere!

Q: What is the battery life of the Wristband?
A: It will work for about 6+ hours of continuous use. Battery life depends on the number times it flashes per hour and it’s intensity. The light elves like alot of blinking at the show!

Q: How durable is the Wristband?
A: The Wristband is made of high-strength plastic and rubber and has been designed to be very durable.

Q: Will it work next year too?
A: Yes! We plan to not only keep them going, we hope to add more wearable lights in the future!

More questions? Email them to info@yourradioplace.com and we will answer them!