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Birthdays & Special Events for 04/24/2017

Anniversary – Matthew Miller

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary. Love Sierra, Wyatt & Libby.

Anniversary – Reneé & Josh VanHorn

We want to wish the best Mommy & Daddy (Reneé & Josh VanHorn) a very Happy 7th Anniversary from your 3 angels Will, Jase, & Quinn We love you

Birthday – Tanya Hitchens

Happy Birthday Tanya!

From your friends at GCBDD

Birthday – Sophie Poole

Happy 5th Birthday Sophie we love you so much
Daddy Mommy Carson and mary

Birthday – April Heady

Happy Birthday To April Heady. We love you Tia! Love Katelynn, Ethan, Brad & Jennifer

***FYI: Her birthday was April 23.

Birthday – Camryn Gebhart

HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY, to our beautiful, tenacious and vibrant young one, Camryn Gebhart. We hope you have a great day!! Love, Mom, Russ, Karlee and Russell.

Birthday – Wyatt Lee Miller

Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt Lee Miller! Can’t believe your 1 already! Love Daddy, Mommy & big sister Libby!

Birthday – Eric McVicker

Happy B-day Eric!!!

Love:The Wikander’s

Birthday – Camryn Gebhart

Happy 13th Birthday to Camryn Gebhart.
Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Love, Mamaw & Papaw

Birthday – Don

Happy belated birthday don a.k.a Nacho! Hope you had a great birthday! Love your favorites jeff 1 and jeff 2!!

Birthday – Todd Jarrett .karen Jarrett ,Kristin jarrett, kaiden jarrett

We want to give a big shout out to Tiffany Jarrett and wish her a happy 24th birthday .we hope your birthday is as amazing as you are .love you to the moon and back baby girl.PS if you see tiff working tonight ! Bob Evans wish her a happy birthday.love you dad and mom and Kristin and kaiden

Birthday – Brexley Burkhart

Happy 1st Birthday Brexley!! Mommy and Sissy LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Birthday – Waylon Clark

We want to wish Waylon Clark a very Happy 13th Birthday!!
Love, Dad, Mom, and Wyatt

Birthday – Jace Moore

Happy 10th birthday to our favorite youngest grandson~ Jace, we love you too much !! Have a great day~~
Love, Grandma Bev & Grandpa Jay

Birthday – Joe Underwood jr.

Happy Birthday to my son Joe Underwood jr.. Love and appreciate that you are ALWAYS there for me , Love Ya bunches , Mom

Birthday – Camryn Gebhart

Happy Birthday to our favorite 13 year old!! We Love You!
Dad, Kylie, Karlee, Carter and Laney

Birthday – Konnor Roberts

Happy 18th birthday to Konnor Roberts . Good luck tonight against Coshocton. Love, Dad, Mom, Kyle, Kaitlynn, Jenna and grandma and grandpa Dolan

Birthday – Jamie, josh, jesus, alex and joshua

Happy birthday to a beautiful mother and grandmother ,pamela molina . we are truly blessed to have someone as special and high spirited in our lives. We hope you have a great day at work and all your wishes come true. We love you so much!